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How Astrology Can Help You Grow Personally and Spiritually: A Guide for Beginners


"What is your zodiac sign?" is a popular pick-up line, and for good reason.

As one of the oldest sciences, astrology can be extremely accurate in predicting how our lives will be influenced by the movement of the planets and other celestial bodies.

Personal and spiritual growth can benefit greatly from this science

Astrology has the power to completely alter the course of your life because it reveals what your soul's purpose is in this lifetime and how you can achieve it. It's a common misconception that astrology is used for the purpose of divination, however. And it isn't, not at all! It will never tell you what you should or shouldn't do, or what you can or can't be. In the end, it serves as a kind of internal compass and guide. However, you, as the creator of your own life, have free will.

Deepen your relationship

with yourself and others.

The session consists of an exploration of your natal chart, supported by the aspects and houses that are deeply ingrained in your personality and life. During the exploration, we go over the core aspects and connections between your Sun Sign (Soul), Moon (Heart), and ascendant/Rising Sign (Mask). Each session includes a personality assessment based on birth date, time, and place, along with a highlight of aspects, cycles, and themes within your birth chart. We also discuss how these can influence your life and how to work more effectively and constructively with planetary energies. We also cover your strengths, challenges, how you relate to different aspects of life, and ultimately, what you came here on Earth to do, your ultimate purpose.

Astrology is the key to creating the life you've always dreamed of

This is why astrology is so powerful in helping us awaken spiritually. Because of these daily movements, we are constantly being invited by the cosmos to process new information and create space inside of us to call in new transformations. Mercury Retrograde is a great example of this. Whenever this transit happens in the cosmos, we learn about it almost immediately via social media and word-of-mouth. Mercury is known as the planet that dominates communication, travel, and technology. When in retrograde—a phenomenon that happens when the planet slows down and appears to move backward—it affects and disrupts those areas. The fascinating part about it is that within this disruption there exists an invitation for you to reflect and observe different areas in your life. A lot of astrologers say that, in this period, weird things such as exes reaching out, old feelings and emotions bubbling up, and crashes in technology can happen. However, when you distill them, you’ll notice that all those happenings are actually an invitation for a further, deeper inner transformation.

Want to learn how to read your own natal chart and understand your astrological signs?

Astrology can change your life for the better

Astrology supports our spiritual evolution and expansion exactly in this manner. With its daily influences, we can deepen our spiritual practice and use the energy that the cosmos is bringing into the collective to benefit the expansion of our consciousness. The stars bring enlightenment so that we are open to receiving and working with whatever the Universe wants us to unveil.

Your soul's mission becomes clearer as you work in harmony with the cosmos to uncover the truths that lie beneath the surface. You are the only one who can fill in the blanks in the puzzle that is your life on this planet.​

Love and light,

Jasmin Szymborski

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